The Sounding Furrows

Part time wanderer, full time lost soul.
Still one of my favorite pics 

Still one of my favorite pics 

Anonymous asked: Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking.

Thank you, friend. That means the world to me. 

I do miss Nevada skies. 

Anonymous asked: Congratulations on moving and going on a giant adventure. You were too good for this town and I'm glad you're finally free.

Thank you. I got nothing but love for my home town and everyone in it though. 

glutenkillsme asked: I truly admire your pictures. Wish I got to know you before you left Reno.

This means the world to me. Thank you. I’m sorry I moved! Not really, but I like meeting new people who also happen to be talented. 

Oregon Part 4 

Oregon Pt 3

Oregon Pt 2

Oregon Pt 1

Light and texture from thunder clouds